Web & Mobile Development

Creation of professional websites and development of elegant applications.

Management software

Deployment and integration of openERP (Odoo) and development of custom modules.

E-commerce solutions

Develop advanced E-commerce websites using Magento.

Data Mining

Data scraping, filtering, classification, clustering and development of management dashboards (decision-making).

Abdennacer Elbasri

Data Analyst, Software & Web Developer

Freelance Web, Software and Blockchain Developer - Big Data analyst - Cybersecurity & Pentester.

I am a web and software developer and a Big Data analyst from Morocco.
I work on many projects of different types and levels, and I focus on developing high quality solutions visually and technically.

Analysis & Design

Assist you analyze and design your projec.

Integration & Development

Integrate and develop your project from zero to full delivery.

Cloud deployment

Support you during the deployment of your project on the Cloud.

Support & TMA

Help you solve your technical problems and ensure that your project is always up.


My mission is to help you develop & take full control of your company's business.

My Projects

For many years, I have completed various WEB/Software projects, including voluntary for public benefit and others within my professional activities.

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Posts & Updates

Here I share some things that I do continuously.

البيانات الضخمة, الذكاء الاصطناعي, تحليل البيانات, كشاف, مشروع كشاف, موسوعة رقمية, موسوعة علمية, موسوعة كشاف, موسوعة كشاف العلمية, هندسة البيانات
تطبيق موسوعة كشاف العلمية
موسوعة كَشَّاف حيث يمكنك إيجاد كم كبير من المقالات المعدلة آليا، وفي مختلف المجالات. موسوعة كشاف، حيث يمكنك إيجاد كم كبير من المقالات...
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